maximizing investment potential

Within the commercial real estate Industry

A real estate investment firm enhancing alignment and allowing brokers to maximize their value

maximizing investment potential

Within the commercial real estate Industry

Our Process



90Ten partners with a select group of brokers across the US and allows them to invest alongside our group on a deal-by-deal basis. Through their relationships, brokers bring 90Ten investment opportunities and tenant relationships and, in return, 90Ten allows brokers co-GP and LP investment opportunities to more successfully monetize their value. Unlike other investment firms, our sponsorship has a willingness and desire to share more of the GP with our partners and the brokers who are adding a tremendous amount of value.



As 90Ten is buying an asset, the local 90Ten brokerage community will have the ability to invest in the LP; thereafter, the national 90Ten platform has the ability to subscribe to whatever LP equity remains. 90Ten will be responsible for all project-level requirements within the general partnership: fundraising, infrastructure, technology, network, etc.  This platform allows brokers to truly capitalize on their proprietary knowledge, while remaining focused on their brokerage business.


Value Creation

Our approach gives us the highest likelihood of securing best-in-class tenants in future releasing efforts and the most successful outcome for our assets. As top brokers invest, they are able to significantly increase their earning potential, while 90Ten is the beneficiary of increased deal flow and the most prolific tenant representation. 90Ten, the brokerage community, and tenants have the benefit of total alignment from the efficiency and value created in each market.

Our mission

Brokers have the best local information, but that information is often underutilized and lacks a strategic partner. We are assisting brokers successfully capitalize their market intel by creating both co-GP and LP investment opportunities alongside other top brokers. Within an antiquated industry, our business provides structure, capital, collaboration, and innovation to our brokerage partners. Our goal is to remove the silo-nature of the commercial real estate industry, and fully align brokerage communities through a collective investment platform.

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